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Quail Egg Incubation!

In addition to rabbits, we also raise Coturnix Quail. Most domestic quail do not sit on their eggs like a chicken does. So this calls for the collected eggs to be incubated. Before you just toss your eggs into the incubator here are a few things you might want to do to insure the best hatch rate possible: Handling…… Continue reading Quail Egg Incubation!


Rabbits did NOT come with a warning!

While my husband and I were talking about adding rabbits to the homestead, I did extensive research. Things like: breeding, cage sizes, sexing rabbits, and different sorts of breeds for different purposes. All the information I had gathered and read was indeed very helpful after we got our rabbits. I soon realized there was one VERY…… Continue reading Rabbits did NOT come with a warning!


Welcome to our blog!

Hello and Welcome everyone to the HansenHomestead blog! Here we will be posting our adventures in homesteading, updates on the animals, DIYs, sewing, and projects. Even what is going on in the garden and what’s coming out of the kitchen! We’re very happy to be able to share our experiences! Be sure to check out our Facebook page: HansenHomesteadandRabbitry…… Continue reading Welcome to our blog!